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Life skills workshops

Investing in the youth

At Archangel Creative our motto “we will not die with our dreams” underpins the motivation behind every project we take on. Our desire is to help people reach their full potential and turn their dreams into a reality

Tackling the problem of structural inequality

Through personal experience and many years working with young people in various capacities, we have observed that structural inequality is still rampant in society and finds expression in state schools.


With the benefit of hindsight, we realised secondary education did not prepare us adequately for higher education. The jump between GCSE’s and A/AS levels is much larger than the jump between A/AS levels and an undergraduate degree.

It can be extremely difficult to adjust to college, university and or the working world for children coming from non-academic or socially disadvantaged communities.


With this in mind in 2017 we piloted the Mullings Management Life Skills Workshop’s (now Archangel) at Queens Park Community School in North West London, via the mentoring company The Promise Foundation.

This was a great success and proved that since we had left school not much has changed in the way of preparing children from underprivileged backgrounds for life after secondary education.

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