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The Children of India

Helping to build an orphanage

Michael Mullings ventured on a mission trip to India in Spring 2015. Unsure of what to expect whilst travelling around the villages and busy cities throughout the country, Mullings documented key moments through his trusted companion, his Panasonic camera.

Whilst capturing the youthfulness of those in India, Mullings felt compelled to commit to a heart felt pledge to raise £5,000 to support a new orphanage in the populous city of Nashik in India and raise the funds in 2016.

Visiting various towns and villages and meeting many children along the way, Mullings was particularly touched by a street child he met on his final night. Disheartened by the situation, the encounter confirmed his desire to make a difference to many others like that homeless, parentless child he met and his ambition to support the building of the orphanage
materialised. Keen to help, Mullings created the mission to support the Children of India in any way possible when he returned to the UK.


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